1987 : After many years of experience in the field of marble elaboration, Mr. Nikolaos Bairaktaris decides to found the private enterprise “Bairaktaris Nikolaos Marbles” in a privately owned place in the area of Xiropotamos, Drama, a region which exclusively deals with marble. The object of the activity is artistic marble elaboration.

1997 : Having completed his studies in the School of Fine Arts of Tinos, Mr. Thanos Bairaktaris enters the Company, adding a new dynamic through his knowledge. At the same time, the company is equipped with modern machinery combining traditional marble art with advanced technology.
2001 : Having completed his studies in business economy in the town of Unna, Germany, Mr. Ioannis Bairaktaris enters the Company. He undertakes the organization of the Company. The places and facilities of the Company are extended. The name of the Company becomes “Bairaktaris Nikolaos and Sons L.P.”.
2010 : The “Bairaktaris Nikolaos and Sons L.P.” Company continues with the acquisition of Parmo Company S.A. in the industrial area of Drama, thus giving a new dynamic. The name of the Company becomes “Bairaktaris Marble S.A.”.
2011 : The Company continues with the acquisition of “White marble of Nestos” in Kechrokambos, Kavala, having now the exclusive production of the worldwide known white marble of Nestos.
Today : Today the Company is a leader in the artistic marble elaboration, owning the most modern machinery. The Company employs 31 people. The staff of the Company consists of higher education graduates and skilled craftsmen with many years of experience.
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