Corporate responsibility

The Bairaktaris Marble S.A. Company has set CSR as a main and integral element of its strategic planning, assuming responsible initiatives and applying specific policies regarding:

  • High quality services, creating permanent relationships with its clients, developing different, practical and smart solutions which meet their requirements.
  • We offer practical and efficient solutions about environmental challenges, for both our clients and us.
  • Its sustainable development, for the benefit of the society and employees.
  • The continuing development of employees’ skills and knowledge through house training and development programs.
  • We maintain high ethical standards in research and growth of our new products.
  • We maintain high ethical standards of marketing and sales practices.
  • We have a positive contribution to the communities where we operate.
  • We follow the national and international regulations.
  • Safety, health and environmental issues remain a fundamental care of the Company.

The CSR provides care for the best satisfaction of expectations of all concerning parts (clients, employees, shareholders, providers, local societies etc.), in a balancing way, for the benefit of the society and the Company.

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